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How Easy Court Filing Works

Easy Court Filing is essentially a conversion tool that allows you to adhere to the strict requiremenets of the DJAG for the filing of selected documents.

We have 2 simple options:
     1.  Create XML Files for lodgement
     2.  Customised Solutions for larger businesses

We provide a portal by which you may create an account and fill out simple web based forms relating to each of the documents currently accepted by DJAG. This will in turn create each form as a unique XML file, in the exact format required by the DJAG for successful lodgement.

Easy Court Filing will then store these files for you to download immediately, or at a later date to formally lodge as a court document.

Our service will provide you with:

Easy creation of XML files for all documents that can be lodged electronically via NSW JusticeLink eServices.
Guaranteed up-to-date XML "schemas" for all documents to ensure lodgement requirements are adhered to. These are automatically updated by Easy Court Filing as part of our overall service.
Secure storage of previously created and downloaded files for future reference.
Unique reference fields for easily identifiable on-billing to clients.
Easy reporting for administration and billing purposes.
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