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If our standard packages don't quite meet your company's needs, Easy Court Filing can tailor a solution that meets all the requirements of your business whether small, meduim or large. We provide complete custom solutions as stand alone systems, or as a plug-in to your current case management software. Our core system seamlessly integrates with:

Affinity from Lexis Nexis
LawDocs from SoftDocs
LeapOffice from Leap Legal
FilePro from FilePro
ESILaw2011 from ESILaw
ProLaw from Elite
caseManagerPro from Lucid IQ
... and many more

Our bespoke solutions are designed to provide simple-to-use functions for complex environments. Even if you don't currently use a case management system, we can help. To explore how a custom solution can impove your operational performance and reduce costs contact us for a free initial consultation.

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